Get Started

Getting started with 4Calls is very easy!

1. If you didn't do it yet, download and start the app.

2. Go to app Settings and choose your country. Country you select means an access number the app will call through.

3. Enter your phone number. If you already have 4Calls account, you will be asked for password. Otherwise, you will be asked for SMS code.

4. Tap Recharge button and topup your account with your favorite provider

That's it! You can go back to main screen of the app and enter a phone number you would like to call.

You will notice that actual call goes through your normal phone dialer - we first call access Number you selected in settings and then we pass a number you entered.

Most of the mobile operators offer unlimited national minutes or unlimited calls to a favourite number. So you can set your local access number to be favourite and in that case you will not pay for local call

Thanks to that, you can enjoy high quality calling even if you don't have Internet access on your phone!