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4CALLS provides you with a method of making high quality calls from your mobile phone,without data connection even in 2G connectivity.

Our app will direct your calls through a fixed number in your country, which will allow you to keep your bills low and doesn't depend on internet, which means you’ll have a consistently superior calling experience throughout the duration of a call.

Most of the mobile operators offer unlimited national minutes or unlimited calls to a favourite number.Make calls anywhere, anytime, from your mobile device without internet. Also the called party no need to install nothing, and no need to have internet connection like Whatsapp/Viber/Skype.

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Just few clicks between you and cheap VoIP call-through calling!

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4Calls Service Coverage

Below you will find the countries in which you can use 4Calls VoIP calling.

We are extending our service all the time, so if your country is not listed, please come back soon!

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